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Member of city firefighting team and Mayor Sugimoto who march inspecting troops

Member of firefighting team determination newly (January 13)

The New Year parade of fire brigades of city firefighting team which became common usage on the New Year was held, and member of firefighting team refreshed determination to disaster prevention. We add lily of the valley street to 337 members of firefighting team and, by inspection parade, are marched city Red Cross service group and child corps in performance by trumpet corps. We received inspection of troops of Mayor Sugimoto, and figure with parent and child was thought to be to look at brave figure of family by roadside. Leader Yoshiyasu Kitahara instructed in ceremony held in city Cultural Center, and Mayor of Governor Morikazu Abe and Sugimoto and others spoke congratulatory address afterwards. In addition, member and commendation of group, silent prayer for firefighting victim to duty that achievement included were performed.
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